• How to Order a Quilt

    Making quilts by hand is not an instant process, and I do not keep a selection of quilts in stock. Each quilt will be custom made to your specifications, which means that there will be a significant delay between ordering and receiving the quilt. A crib/lap size quilt takes me approximately 6 weeks; estimates for larger quilts would be extrapolated from that.

    • Crib quilts and lap quilts,  36″ x 54″  $600
    • Twin, 72″ x 84″ $1,680
    • Double, 84″ x 108″ $2,520
    • Queen, 96″ x 108″ $2,880
    • King , 108″ x 108″, $3,240

    Cost for personalizing each square is $3, up to a maximum price per quilt. You can choose to have a name or initials on just one or two squares, but if you prefer to personalize every square, there’s a 30% savings. Personalization will include a first name or 3-4 initials, written in ribbon, hidden in the pattern of the fabric or other suitably visually entertaining manner.

    Additional maximum price for each size quilt with all squares personalized is:

    • Crib/lap $50
    • Twin $90
    • Double $130
    • Queen $150
    • King $170

    A down payment of one half the cost of the quilt will be required at the beginning of the project.

    Shipping costs will be added to all prices, and sales tax will be added if you live in North Carolina.

    Please email me for further information.

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