• Personalizing quilts

    kylee's k The first quilt I made was for my granddaughter, who was ten the year she recieved it. I wanted it to be something that she would enjoy both now and later, and decided to put her name and initials on it several places. The scale of that part of the project grew until each 12″ square (except the signature square) has either her name or initials in it somewhere.

    Some are so big that it’s easier to see them from across the room and some are so tiny that I had trouble finding them once I was done. Others are incorporated into the design of the fabric. It becomes a game to find them in every square.

    The woman who commissioned the next quilt didn’t want quite that much personalization, but did want the baby’s initials several places. I made a large “Y” for her last name in addition to hiding “AEY” in several places in the fabric designs.

    The second quilt commissioned was also  to include some initials, but the baby’s name got changed halfway through construction– always a hazard until the child is born. I removed the initial that was changing and left the ones that were staying the same.The family was willing to either leave the original initial and pass it along as a family story  or remove it, but I had time to remove it and preferred to do so.

    I particularly enjoy personalizing quilts this way. It’s great fun to look for patterns in the fabrics, or sneak tiny letters in between buttonhole stitches on a seam. It does take extra time, though, and should be done while the quilt is still in loose squares, before it’s assembled. There will be an extra charge for this, depending on the sizie of the quilt and the degree of personalization that you choose to have added.

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    1. August 3, 2010 at 10:11 pm

      Remember your making a gift for a life time. Pour your heart into your children’s quilt or crib quilt and watch that keepsake quilt in the hands of the child, who received it as your gift. It’s truly worth every minute of your time. To personalize it, is just a great idea.


    2. Susan
      September 1, 2010 at 10:50 pm

      These are absolutely “lifetime” quilts. I avoid “baby” fabrics and design them specifically so they can be lap quilts for college and adulthood.

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